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Apex Business Advisory Ltd (Apex) is a consulting firm made up of business and tax advisors who offer specialized advisory expertise to both private and public businesses. Apex is headquartered in Kenya with regional presence in East Africa and spreading its wings to the global sphere.

Apex core expertise lies in the ability to support our clients in understanding, analyzing and executing business and tax advice in diverse economic environments.

Our team of consultants have developed in-depth knowledge as well as expertise of key industry sectors including financial, educational, manufacturing, FMCG, agricultural, mining, oil and gas, transport, technological, hospitality and tourism among others.

Apex has experience in working with and assisting a wide range of clients from international corporations to small/medium sized businesses.

The name Apex - English word- means the top or highest part of something/ achievement- which translates from the beginning, our desire to effectively support our clients in the conquest to achieve the top most level of conquest and in the acceleration of their growth.

At Apex, the goal is to make our clients the King by ensuring their businesses thrive through our optimal services and top notch quality offered. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable, unrivaled relationship with clients, empowering them and offering personalized services.